Our Objectives

To strengthen the capacity of the pastoral communities to assess, decide, plan, and implement the activities through participatory decision-making;

  1. Contribute to the participatory community development programs towards social access over water, health, education etc.
  2. Promote economic status of the community though income generation.
  3. Establish close links to UN agencies international NGOs Diaspora local NGOs through consensus building and mutual concern.
  4. Train the community to adapt critical judgment logic thinking so as to help themselves up to the village and nomadic level.
  5. Protect and improve environment and natural heritage to pass it on safer to future generation.
  6. Improve hygiene and sanitation conditions on the areas of operation.
  7. Strength contacts between the NGO of area operations community and international communities
  8. Raise awareness of the community in the importance of preventing HIV/AIDS.
  9. Maintain peace building and stability to achieve co-existence, fraternity and better neighborhood in general and areas of SCDO operation in particular.
  10. IDPs protection and improved advocacy.
  11. To set up a system to ensure effectiveness achievement with respect to HIV/AIDs prevention.
  12. To reduce the adverse effects of the spread of HIV/AIDs in SCDO area of operation.