Setting Up Saving Groups

Setting up saving groups is among activities of the project “Women Empowerment to Claim their Rights” funded by BLF/AAIS, and implemented by SCDO. In the meeting we discussed about how the saving money would be so beneficial in promotion of economic status of the women, how to open a bank account from Dahabshiil, and the percentage of average monthly profits that could be depositable by each.

At the end, they opened an account bank from Dahabshiil, and saved $ 12,000, that each out the two hundred members used to save $ 5 per month.

For the reinvestment of the accumulated funds to their businesses, we collectively set up regulations and rules governing the revolving money.

FGM Photos

These photos focus on the inter-village meetings held for the different walks of the community in order that they might be aware of the health complications of FGM.