current projects

Empowering Women to Claim their Rights funded by BLF/AAIS

SCDO has been implementing the project entitled with “Empowerment of Women to Claim their Rights” funded by AAIS/BLF since 2013, and is expected to close in 2016.

So as to attain the overall goal, four outcomes have been designed and listed, where each one pre-determines activities for verifying their realizations. Among these are:

Outcome 1: Enhanced literacy and numeracy levels of women, leading to women’s increased self-esteem and ability to improve their life opportunities socially, politically and economically.

Outcome 2: Improved household income for women leading to improved self-esteem, enhanced economic empowerment and increased control over their lives.

Outcome 3: Improved access to justice leading to enhanced security for women in Somaliland.

Outcome 4: Enhanced political awareness of women, supporting them to exercise their political ambitions and enabling them to better demand their rights legal system, raise awareness of women’s rights, and discuss implementation of the Elders’ Declaration.

Building Demand for Access to Justice for Women funded by DFID/AAIS

Women’s Rights Programming funded by UNIFEEM/AAIS