NGO may not limit itself to below aspects but should include the information on these aspects

Main funding source for the NGO
Long-term Partnerships:

SCDO has long partnership with ActionAid Somaliland, which has been continued since 1993. Care/USAID, DFID, UNIFEM, NRC, UNICEF, Health Unlimited, Coopi, NRC, -PAL,
CAA ox farm, ODA, SCF, UNIFEM, DFID UNDP, WFP, NOVIB and many others

Other funding sources and frequency
As stipulated in the SCDO constitution, membership is organized through degan groups of rangeland units. These units are normally village centred, site committees, selected by their resident members or mixture of social groups in the same area/unit. The membership of the SCDO organically grows by including representatives from new development areas and individuals who can add value into the development of Sanaag region. The membership of SCDO can be lost due to the violation of its rules and Regulations (refer the constitution and the related policies).